Legion Is Coming

by Celyod, 491 days ago

Heritage looks forward to welcoming old players and new as we fight once again for azeroth!

Legion Launch

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Heritage kills Brackenspore

by Celyod, 967 days ago

Brakenspore has been the first boss in highmaul so far to be troublesome for us. The last 2 weeks we visited him he has spat on us, engulfed us in moss and squished us. However this week our tactics were a bit more polished. People standing near mushrooms and adds killed on priority. Some good tank swaps and boss positioning, and some uber AOE healing from our druid and priest seen brackenspore finally dead.



Full Image here: http://galleries.guildlaunch.net/436927/WoWScrnShot_032615_2226332557.jpg


Well done everyone.

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Heritage kills the butcher

by Celyod, 991 days ago

So for a second time heritage plunged its self into highmaul. Having once killed Kargath, this time he was a breeze and we proceeded to take on the butcher. With some lenghty discussions about tactics and how to aprroach the fight; Everyone soon had the idea and after a few very close wipes heritage killed their second boss on their second raid. so far we are 2 for 2, good job everyone.



Full image here: http://galleries.guildlaunch.net/436927/WoWScrnShot_022715_2215035485.jpg

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